The Mormon Battalion Association™

Welcome to the official website of the Mormon Battalion Association,™ aka Mormon Battalion Heritage Association,™ and formerly known as the U.S. Mormon Battalion, Inc.™

The Association was established in the late 1940s when LDS President David O. McKay asked his Huntsville neighbor and personal friend, Fred M. Reese, to form a quasi-military organization to help fulfill a prophesy by Brigham Young:

"The Mormon Battalion will be held in honorable remembrance to the latest generation; and I will prophesy that the children of those who have been in the army, in defense of their country, will grow up and bless their fathers for what they did at that time.  And men and nations will rise up and bless the men who went in that Battalion. ...As the Lord lives, ...you will never be forgotten, worlds without end, but you will be had in honorable remembrance, for ever and ever."  (Brigham Young, quoted in Daniel Tyler, A Concise History of the Mormon Battalion in the Mexican War, 1846–1847, p. 354)

The Mormon Battalion Association™ is neither a religious organization nor a military unit, but a nondenominational non-profit quasi-military service organization striving to match the dedication and community service of the original 1846-47 volunteer militia infantry battalion.  Similar to other military heritage and service organizations, we combine the best features of the unit we emulate with those of a non-profit service organization.  One does not have to be a descendant of the original Mormon Battalion, or a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the “Mormons”) from which it was drawn to belong to the modern Mormon Battalion Association.™   Membership is open to patriotic individuals, families, and organizations of good will – regardless of gender, race, creed, religion, national origin, or heritage – who wish to unite in emulating the unselfish service they gave their communities, nation, and fellow mankind wherever they went.  We are building a new legacy for citizens of all ages, faiths, and national origins can learn, emulate, and apply the heritage and experience of the Mormon Battalion to their current lives through service to humanity.

Recent Updates:

Our new website, which went active 8 May 2015, includes many new features:

  • Quartermaster's Corner - Long awaited online membership application, plus new Boy Scout and Mormon Battalion memorabilia products.

  • History | Original Battalion Roster - With the able assistance of Dan Roper, we have created a Comprehensive Alphabetical Listing of the original Battalion, based on Carl V. Larson's textual Database of the Mormon Battalion, the result of his 35 years of exhaustive research.  The list includes Individual Histories extracted from Mr. Larson's Annals of the Mormon Battalion.

  • History | Annotated Reference List - We have updated our list of annotated references.

  • Member Activities - We have posted all known issues of our minutes since 2004.  (We request your assistance in identifying and posting any prior minutes back to the founding of the modern Battalion in the late 1940s.)

  • Links - We are building a list of links to all known associated organizations, including family organizations.

  • Contact Us - We have posted new organizational charts and a listing of all known modern leaders of the Mormon Battalion Association since the late 1940s.

Coming Soon:

  • Quartermaster's Corner | Mormon Battalion Memorabilia - We have posted likenesses of our new Mormon Battalion Historic Trails Awards, which will be activated sometime in 2016.

  • History | Original Battalion Roster - With the able assistance of Dan Roper, we will be expanding our Comprehensive Alphabetical List of the original Battalion to include dynamic Individual History "switching stations" with active links to the very latest information in our own master database, as well as those of FamilySearch.org, BillionGraves.com, and MapNTour.com.  We will also be adding sublists based on the eight bimonthly Muster Rolls recorded during the one year enlistment of the Mormon Battalion, and the six bimonthly Muster Rolls recorded during the six month reenlistment of CPT Davis' Company A.  These sublists will include, not just those who actually mustered into the Battalion, but also all known accompanying regular army officers and enlisted men, scouts/guides, laundresses, family members, and camp followers.

  • History | Database - We will soon be adding a searchable version of Carl V. Larson's Database of the Mormon Battalion.

  • History | Annals of the Mormon Battalion - We will soon be adding a searchable version of Carl V. Larson's Annals of the Mormon Battalion, a day by day merging of 26 of the journals and diaries of original Battalion members.

  • History | Journals - We will soon be adding searchable side by side photocopies and transcriptions of all known journals and diaries of members of the Mormon Battalion during the one year period of their enlistment.  We will post the photocopy of a page on the left, with its transcription on the right.

  • History | Graves Memorialization - We will soon be adding Carl V. Larson's exhaustive Graves Memorialization List.


Header Photo:  Foothills of the Rockies, East of Springer, NM (approx. 36.2911 N, 104.460 W), taken by Kevin Henson – The Canadian (Red) River lies just behind (west) of the mesa.