Header Photo:  Apache Pass, approach to Santa Fe, NM (approx. 35.566 N, 105.794 W), taken by Kevin Henson. In this vicinity were the breastworks set up by Mexican General Armajo, but which were abandoned by the time General Kearny arrived.


Associated Organization Links


The Mormon Battalion Association networks with a variety of community groups and non-profit organizations to achieve its goals.   The following sites may help our visitors find more information.



This affiliate of FamilySearch is a free website is the world's largest resource for searchable GPS cemetery data.  It helps users to look up headstone photos from around the world. Volunteers use Smartphones to take GPS tagged photos of headstones. Photos are uploaded to the BillionGraves website. Photos are transcribed by volunteers. Photos can be easily accessed for research online.



California Pioneer Heritage Foundation

This group is dedicated to honoring the memory of our pioneer ancestors it contains historical articles on a variety of subjects.

California Pioneer Heritage Foundation


BYU RelativeFinder.org

Open the link below and sign in with your FamilySearch ID.  Then go to the bottom of the list, click on more groups.  Scroll down to LDS-Mormon Battalion.  It will show you who you are related to in the Mormon Battalion.



Find A Grave

This independent Provo, Utah based free website's mission is to help users find, record and present final disposition information from around the world as a virtual cemetery experience.



Historical Marker Database

This website gathers descriptive and locational data on all sorts of historical markers and momuments all over the United States. While it includes links to 74 other historical marker sites, it can be searched for sites specific to the Mormon Battalion by entering the phrase "Mormon Battalion" in the search box at the upper right.   We reference (and correct) many of these references in our list of Monuments and Markers under our History tab.



International Society Daughters of the Utah Pioneers (ISDUP, DUP)

This women's society is dedicated to honoring and perpetuating the names and achievements of the men, women, and children who founded Utah.  They seek to encompass a broad scope of services including preserving old landmarks, marking historical places, collecting artifacts and histories, displaying pioneer antiques and memorabilia in DUP museums, establishing a library of historical matter, securing manuscripts, photographs, maps, and all such data as shall aid in perfecting a record of the Utah pioneers.

Daughters of the Utah Pioneers


Map-N-Tour, Inc.

Our good friends, Denny and Kevin Henson, have created a wonderful interactive map tour of the Mormon Battalion Trail.  You can spend many, many hours learning the history of the Mormon Battalion on their website.



Mormon Battalion Arizona

From October through April each year, our associate organization in Mesa, Arizona, hosts a series of weekend Scouting Events at the original Mormon Battalion 1846 Christmas Camp south of the Phoenix area.  Those who participate can earn a special patch, and Eagle Scouts can earn a special wild bull neckerchief slide at their Court of Honor.




 Mormon Battalion Historic Site

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has a beautiful museum in old town San Diego, California.  It is free to the public.



Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel

This searchable site of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints lists companies of Mormon travelers from 1847 through 1868.



Mormon Trails Association

While they have not yet addressed the Mormon Battalion routes, they are dedicated to promoting interest in all Mormon trails, and the settlement, persons, and accomplishments of those who have used them; and to identifying and preserving Mormon historical sites, including trails and locations where historical events occurred.  They provide a forum for organizations and individuals interested in Mormon trails to speak and be heard on trails matters; they assist government and private agencies with trail identification, development and maintenance needs; and they publish guides, books, maps, and other items to inform and educate the public about events and sites, and preserve and share historical material.



Orson Pratt Brown Family Site

This website contains a list of Battalion members, journal entries, photos and much more information.  Much of this information appears to have come from references and materials listed in Carl Larson’s Database on the Mormon Battalion.



Sons of the Utah Pioneers

This is the official site of The Sons of the Utah Pioneers based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Sons of the Utah Pioneers


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