Header Photo:  Warner's Pass, from NW of "Scissors Crossing" at San Felipe Village, CA (approx. 33.1241 N, 116.5205 W), taken by Kevin Henson – This is near the 20 December 1846 camp.  In this small valley, the men were drilled by Col Cooke in preparation for arriving in the Mexican settlements.



BSA Scout Memorabilia

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❏ SA-61558 Mormon Battalion Eagle Scout Neckerchief Slide – 3" wide x 3" long x 2" deep, 3 ounces, white epoxy resin with walnut stain and black paint, and unique sequential numbering (BB-xxxxx or SA-xxxxx) and copyright notice on the back. 

Price = $20.00 + shipping and handling.  Please allow 2-3 weeks shipping time.  This slide is available ONLY to new and long term Eagle Scouts.  You MUST submit a completed copy of the attached Application Form to receive it and the accompanying Certificate.



❏ SA-61893 Mormon Battalion Eagle Scout Parent Pin – 1" long x ¾” wide oval, 0.26 ounce, nickel-plated brass with yellow enamel inlay. 

Price = $5.00 + shipping and handling.  Please allow 2-3 weeks shipping timeThis parent pin is available ONLY to parents of new and long term Eagle Scouts.




❏ SA-62452 Mormon Battalion Scout Neckerchief Slide – 2¼" wide x 2 ½" long with ⅝" deep loop, 3 ounce, zinc alloy. 

Price = $10.00 + shipping and handling.  Please allow 2-3 weeks shipping.  This slide is available to Scouts and the general public, and should NOT be confused with the Mormon Battalion Eagle Scout Neckerchief Slide above.