Header Photo:  Warner's Pass, from NW of "Scissors Crossing" at San Felipe Village, CA (approx. 33.1241 N, 116.5205 W), taken by Kevin Henson – This is near the 20 December 1846 camp.  In this small valley, the men were drilled by Col Cooke in preparation for arriving in the Mexican settlements.


Heritage Day Programs


From 2000 through 2013, the Mormon Battalion Association held annual Heritage Day programs in the Salt Lake Tabernacle and Assembly Hall on Temple Square, in the Bountiful Regional Center, and in the National Headquarters of the Sons of Utah Pioneers.  They also broke ground for the Mormon Battalion Monument Plaza at This Is the Place Heritage Park in 2007 and dedicated it in 2010.  Below are links to some of the programs and talks given.


22 June 2013 Heritage Day:

20130622 Symposium Poster.pdf

20130622 Heritage Day Program.pdf

20130622 David Jamiel - Mormon Battalion narrative for Sons of Utah Pionners talk for june 13 draft III 3 23 13.pdf


16 June 2012 Heritage Day:

 2012 Heritage Day Flyer.pdf

2012 Heritage Day Program.pdf


11 June 2011 Heritage Day:

2011 Heritage Day Flyer.pdf

2011 Heritage Day Program.pdf


21 August 2010 Monument Plaza Dedication:

 Monument Plaza Dedication Flyer.pdf

20100821 Mormon Battalion Monument Plaza Dedication Program.pdf

Gail Miller Talk.pdf

Steven Neal Talk.pdf

M. Russell Ballard Talk and Dedicatory Prayer.pdf


24 July 2010 Symposium:

20100724 Mormon Battalion Symposium Article.pdf 


13 June 2009 Heritage Day:

2009 Heritage Day Flyer.pdf

2009 Heritage Day Program.pdf

 2009 Douglas L. Callister Talk.pdf


14 June 2008 Heritage Day:

2008 Heritage Day Program.pdf

2008 Ellis Ivory Talk.pdf

2008 Robert Wood Talk.pdf


9 June 2007 Monument Plaza Groundbreaking:

20070609 Monument Plazas Ground Breaking Program.pdf

 20070609 Elder Ballard's Talk.pdf


16 June 2007 Heritage Day:

 20070616 Heritage Day Flyer.pdf

20070616 Heritage Day Program.pdf

2007 Elder Carmack - Mormon Battalion Talk Plan C Revised.pdf


17 June 2006 Heritage Day:

20060617 Heritage Day Flyer.pdf

20060617 Heritage Day Program.pdf

20060617 L. Tom Perry Talk.pdf


11 June 2005 Heritage Day:

20050611 Heritage Day Poster.pdf

20050611 Heritage Day Program.pdf


12 June 2004 Heritage Day:

20040612 Heritage Day Poster.pdf

20040612 Heritage Day Program.pdf

2004 - Four Cornerstones of the True Mission of the Mormon Battalion - D. Guy Dickson.pdf


26 June 2004 10th Ward Sacrament Meeting Talk:

20040426 Sam Parker Talk - The Mormon Battalion - A Ram in the Thicket.pdf


15 June 2002 Heritage Day:

20020615 Heritage Day Program.pdf

2002 Mormon Battalion a valiant emblem of faith.pdf


24 June 2000 Heritage Day Program:

20000624 Heritage Day Program.pdf