Header Photo:  Warner's Pass, from NW of "Scissors Crossing" at San Felipe Village, CA (approx. 33.1241 N, 116.5205 W), taken by Kevin Henson – This is near the 20 December 1846 camp.  In this small valley, the men were drilled by Col Cooke in preparation for arriving in the Mexican settlements.



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Website Updates

We have realigned and updated our website layout as promised, deleting all extraneous and unused tabs, and including the following:

  • Military History - We have posted eight new articles on military history related to the Battalion.

  • Heritage | Original Battalion Roster - We have added an organizational chart of the original Battalion when it was mustered on 16 July 1846.  We have deleted the broken links to the FamilySearch database.  The alphabetical listing includes members of the Battalion; contracted guides/scouts/translators; Army of the West officials "traveling with" the Battalion for security; the Battalion Commander's entourage of officers and enlisted men; families, relatives, and servants of Battalion members; and sutlers, teamsters, drovers, and various other camp followers.  For ease of linking, family members are alphabetized using their husband or father's surname during the Battalion enlistment period.

  • Legacy - We moved the Website Updates from the bottom of the Home page to the Legacy tab.

    Legacy | Battalion Elections - Election information is available at Election Notification and Information.

  • Legacy | Battalion Minutes - We have posted the following Minutes:

    • one from 1954,

    • four from 2000,

    • 12 from 2004,

    • 19 from 2005,

    • 19 from 2006,

    • five from 2007,

    • four from 2008,

    • three from 2009,

    • four from 2010,

    • three from 2011,

    • one from 2019, and

    • two from 2020. 

We will soon be posting Minutes from meetings of the Executive Leadership on 19 March and 24 April 2020, and from meetings of the Board of Directors in April 2020.  We held no meetings in May 2020.

  • Legacy | The Valiant Newsletter - We have posted the following issues of The Valiant newsletter

    • six from 1996,

    • six from 1997,

    • six from 1998,

    • three from 1999, and

    • three from 2000.

  • Legacy | Heritage Day Programs - We have posted flyers, programs, and talks from our Heritage Day Programs in 2000 through 2013, plus the 2007 groundbreaking and 2010 dedication of Mormon Battalion Monument Plaza at This Is the Place Heritage Park in Salt Lake City.