Monuments and Markers



1846- Lt. Col. James Allen died. Gravesite is at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas .

1846 - Santa Fe was surrendered to General Stephen W. Kearney .

1846 - Teamster Elisha Smith died. Gravesite between Douglas and Tucson, Ariz.

1846- Ft. Tucson was surrendered to Lt. Col. Philip St. George Cooke.

1848- Gen. Stephen Kearney died. Gravesite at Mexico City, Mexico.

1895- Lt. Col. Philip St. George Cooke died. Gravesite at Detroit, Michigan.

1879 - Captain Jefferson Hunt died. Gravesite at Oxford, Idaho.

1927 - Monument dedicated on the Utah State Capitol grounds with a cost

of $200,000.

1936 - Capt . Daniel C. Davis monument erected at Farmington, Utah.

1940 - Monument dedicated at Santa Fe, New Mexico .

1946 - Monument dedicated at Pueblo, Colorado.

1956- Capt . Jefferson Hunt monument erected at Huntsville , Utah .

1958 - Monument (Cost, $500,000) dedicated honoring the Battalion who built

the original Ft . Moore in 1847, at Los Angeles, California.

1960 - Monument erected at San Bernardino Ranch near Douglas, Arizona.

1967 - Monument erected in Tucson, Arizona .

1969 Mormon Battalion Soldier monument dedicated in Presidio Park (Old Ft .

Stockton) in San Diego, Calif. with a cost of $40 ,000 .

1972 Mormon Battalion Memorial Museum dedicated at Old Town in San Diego,


1976 - Mormon Emigrant Trail dedicated near Placerville, California Also a

marker at Tragedy Springs.

1977 Monument erected at Tenth Ward Chapel in Salt Lake City , Utah.

1977 New headstone placed at Lt. Col. James Allen's grave at Ft . Leavenworth,

Kansas .

1978 - Battalion Trail monument erected on I-8 west of El Centro, California.

2010- Mormon Battalion Plaza at This is the Place Heritage Park in Salt Lake City, Utah

Monuments to the Mormon Battalion have been erected all across the United States. The following is a list of just a few.

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