Header Photo:  Apache Pass, approach to Santa Fe, NM (approx. 35.566 N, 105.794 W), taken by Kevin Henson. In this vicinity were the breastworks set up by Mexican General Armajo, but which were abandoned by the time General Kearny arrived.


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A day-by-day interpretation of the Battalion’s march is presented in the Interactive Map, sponsored by Map-N-Tour, Inc.  This project includes the research results of Kevin Henson as assisted by many other historians and researchers.  For the first time, the entire expanse of the Battalion’s march detailing where things happened – along with the detachment routes – can be appreciated using satellite imagery.  The on-line web version can be downloaded at:


As an example, the web screenshot below shows the trail (red line) and locations related to November 13-15, 1846 as the Battalion left the Rio Grande valley.  Each icon along the trail can be opened to provide additional information about that location.  Historic maps, photographs and supplemental documents enrich the experience.

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For mobile devices, download the free Map-N-Tour app which has this logo:

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There are some differences as you would expect between the web and a mobile version, but in general, the same trail and historic information is provided.

If you are travelling, the mobile app will help you better appreciate what is available in your area. Your location beacon should be visible if you are in the vicinity.

Please respect private property and do not trespass without first obtaining permission.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions, direct them to Kevin Henson at:  kevin@battaliontrek.com

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