If you earn the Main Award, you are eligible to earn one or more supplemental Trail Segment Awards by completing field-related activities intended to provide experiences similar to those of the original Mormon Battalion. Each supplemental Trail Segment Award must satisfy the following eight requirements:

      1. Choose the trail Section You Want to Hike: Select a continuous 15-mile section you want to hike on one of the seven original Mormon Battalion Trail Segments

      2. Permits and Permissions: Obtain all necessary permits and permissions.

      3. Map: Prepare a map of your proposed hike.

      4. Reading Journals: Read from at least two journals written about the specific section of trail you are interested in and plan to hike. Complete a Reading Journal for each of your readings.

      5. Meals: Obtain and carry on your hike the raw ingredients for two meals consisting of items the original Mormon Battalion recorded eating on their journey.

      6. 15 Mile Hike: In a single day, hike a specific continuous 15-mile section of an original Trail Segment.

      7. Hiking Journal: Keep a Hiking Journal while on your hike.

      8. Activities: Complete at least two activities. You will be asked when you submit your application to go into detail about what you did.

Each time you fulfill the requirements for a different 15-mile section of the same Trail Segment, you qualify for another copy of that Trail Segment Award patch. You can also buy special Super Segment Award boot-shaped bronze pins which can be affixed to one applicable trail segment patch. See the Quartermaster's Corner for an image. 

After you earn the Main Patch and a Segment TrailAward, then you are eligible to earn the ultimate – a separate Fifty Mile Hike Award. All Trail Segment Requirements apply, except that you must hike a specific continuous 50-mile section of an original Trail Segment in a single multi-day event. No “splitting” the distance into separate events.

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